Cargo Vans

Our cargo vans are great for moving and transporting all sorts of items that need to be covered and or tied down into place. If you are in need of a van with some serious space, rent one of our cargo vans today.

Cargo Vans Features

Cargo Vans

  • Rear view camera
  • Generous cargo space
  • Protective grate separating cab from cargo area

Cargo Vans Rates

Off Season Rate:

  • $109 per day (7 days or longer)
  • $149 per day (3-6 days)
  • $199 per day (1-2 days)

Summer Rate:

  • $129 per day (7 days or longer)
  • $169 per day (3-6 days)
  • $229 per day (1-2 days)